We understand that the middle Eastern countries are strict about Islamic Principles and do not allow any hindrance against social customs and Islamic rules.

so, we ask our workers not to do any propaganda against religion or any kind of anti-labor and anti-social activities, which is prejudicial to the laws of the country where they work.

Since the workers proceed to another country for employment and the country of employment maintains different sets of law for their discipline and order, therefore in adherence to this, we orient and brief all the outgoing workers and appraise them of the new surroundings or environment of that country. In the foremost case, we clearly stress upon that “work and discipline” is the main criteria which every workers must deeply practice to achieve better fame and name for themselves as well as for their motherland.

Obedience to superiors a t site and due respect to them and religious like devotion to duty un-questionably bring to them the fruit of their labour. They proceed to a far country to serve and earn a better live hood and any breach of discipline, whatsoever if may be shall ultimately bring their own disastrous downfall. As such every worker is warned that he must retain from any such unwanted activities that may speak ill of his charter and duty, there must be an overall devotion and sincerity in every worker’s heart which will in turn make him an ideal of appreciation by his employers.

The workers are then explained about their routine duty both in company and at work site. Before they depart, they all agree and promise to give the best of performance and thus they depart. Moreover, our employees may face many difficulties in understanding other co-workers of different nations of the world while working in the same platform and under the same employer, we therefore, draw special attention and advise them how to mix and be friendly atmosphere so as to live and work in one unit on with love and affection to each other.