Our Specialized Work Force

For more than five decades, Manpower has fulfilled a vital role in communities where our employees live and work. Because of the unique role that we play in the labor market, we have been uniquely positioned to help countless under privileged individuals to develop job skill and earn a place in the workforce so that they can support their families.

At the same time, we have recognized the opportunity to create the workforce of tomorrow by providing the job skills that are most in demand to the people who need help to find a meaningful career path today. These efforts extend from school children to grandparents, because we believe there is a role for everyone in the world of work.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we continue our long tradition of working together with our customers and our local communities to build the workforce of tomorrow…one person at a time.

Qureshi works with a wide range of clients from large multinational organizations and foreign start-ups entering Saudi Arabian Companies looking to internationalize. In today’s current business environment, companies need both bilingual and bi cultural people. This where Qureshi can make a difference to a business be it a large multinational, or a small one or two person operation.

We have particular confidence for providing skilled ad un-skilled Manpower in the following areas: